Winter Renewal and Reflection Ideas

January 22, 2021

Winter is a time of renewal and reflection.  To go inward and take inventory, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

It is a time of nourishing the body with warm drinks like lemon and water the first thing in the morning to help with metabolism.  Or you may prefer a bit of apple cider vinegar or lime juice.

Being in tune with nature as it darkens outside, using lower lights and candles so you are preparing yourself for bed.  Making sure bright lights and your electronic equipment are off an hour before bed and finding time for reading or maybe even candlelight meditation to relax your body.  You may find an app called Calm which has various sounds, music, stories and meditations also.

Finding a purpose for your day, a routine that works for you.  If we have lights out by 10, we may find that we rise earlier and get more done in the morning hours when we are more clear minded and creative.  Those early morning hours are an excellent time for prayer and meditation.  Being able to focus with the Scriptures in the quiet is inspiring. 

You may want to move the body with some sun salutations if you feel cool or cold to bring heat in the body.  Have water close by all through the day to hydrate for the health of your body and joints.

Another idea you may want to try is having a light breakfast, large afternoon meal and a light evening meal such as soup for easy digestion.

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