Guarding Your Heart

April 04, 2020


How do we guard our hearts in this day and age?  With the cultural environment we live in, it takes perseverance to strive for truth and purity.


Our culture teaches women that you can do it all.  I have grown up in that generation and found it to be a lie.  Either your relationships become weak with family and friends, or your health is taken from you.


As John O’Donohue writes, the state of one’s heart inevitably shapes one’s life.  It is ultimately the place where everything is decided.  The power of the heart’s attitude is expressed beautifully in the New Testament:  “Where your treasure is, there is your heart also.”  And all through the Old Testament, God is interested only in the heart, through their love for God—not sacrifices, rituals, or rules—only the heart. Indeed, this Christian tradition would suggest the heart is beautiful precisely because it is where God dwells.


Perhaps reading the Scriptures, prayer and meditating on what truths are impressed on each of us will enable us to guard our heart and result in spiritual selfcare.  You are are made in His image, created for a special purpose, made to glorify God.


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