The Five Senses of Fall

October 16, 2016

The Five Senses of Fall


The transition from summer to fall is more difficult than any of the other seasons.  With the days growing shorter and many days when there is no sunshine or ability to feel the healing sun rays on your skin, it is important to take care of yourself by eating healthy homemade soups and cooked fruit and vegetables.  Getting seven to eight hours of sleep will strengthen your immune system. Take time to listen to your body and realize that sometimes less is more!  


The changes from the relaxing summer days to the hectic school schedules and sports of fall cause us to be scattered and not grounded.  This is where Yoga can help to bring balance into your life.




Notice the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin spice.  Smell the baked apples, pears and pumpkin pies.


See the fields of pumpkins and Indian corn with all of its beautiful colors.  Notice the colors of the leaves changing in the landscape with the contrast of the purplish gray sky of autumn.  It is as if God got his paintbrush out for this season of change. 


Taste the crisp apples and juicy pears from the orchard and enjoy warm apple cider with spices.  It will not only warm you, but also add a nice fragrance to your home.


Hear the strong winds blow through the trees and around the corners of the house, the geese honking overhead as they go south, and  the crunchy leaves you walk through.


Feel the cool dampness of autumn rains and the winds blowing through your hair, the brisk mornings inviting you to take a walk and to be ready to enjoy the day.  Don’t forget adding a scarf around your neck to keep the chill away.


I am thankful for my soft cozy socks and slippers, pancakes with fruit and warm maple syrup, and hot chocolate.  However, most of all I am grateful for our family and friends to enjoy fall with and my Almighty Creator who made it all.  He is the Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent One.  The Great I Am. 


May you all be blessed this fall and look at each and every day as a gift from God.



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